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We arrived and got a transfer straight to our hotel. Unfortunately there was no free internet as we'd hoped and thought and the pool and reception was quite a walk from our actual room. Bummer. The room was great though, one of my favourites so far. It was big, comfortable and very funky with a large painting of Micky Mouse's groin over the bed and painted light switched and a hand chair. The bathroom was also huge and got great sun. The hanger on the door was a penis and our lamp switch was a penis. We also had a DVD player and large selection of DVDs and books and Bundy's favourite - a kettle (with coffee and tea but went and bought noodles and almost eggs). We had dinner just down the road at a place that doesn't seem to have a name. I had Tom Yam Khai (Tom Yam soup with chicken). It was tasty but there were way too many mushrooms, leaves and other stuff Bundy said you weren't actually supposed to eat. So I was still very hungry and a bit disappointed. We got free fruit thought (and Bundy got free nuts with his beer which I ate). The banana was some of the best we've had. We picked DVDs at our hotel for the night and did a shop in 7/11 for noodles and went to bed watching Milk and using our 7/11 chopsticks for packet noodles.

I woke up after an awesome sleep (I have to take this bed home with me). I watched the end/half of Milk since I'd fallen asleep and then we watched War Horse. I had a shower and then we went out at 2:00PM and then we spent the rest of the day on Chaweng beach. It took awhile to figure out how to actually get onto the beach without going through a resort. It was a nice beach and a pity we hadn't come earlier (the sun was going down a bit). They had people para-sailing and a boat version of the car driving around the streets with a loud advertisement playing for Muay Thai boxing ('the highlight of your trip!') playing the Rambo theme (can't even escape it on the beach!). I tried to tan and had to keep moving out of the shade of a palm tree. I think I got a little burnt. I listened to my ipod all day which is always good. Went for a dip in the ocean which was so nice, it was warm and clear and green/blue with tiny waves. Once the sun started to disappear behind the resorts we walked to the end and then back up down the main road to our hotel. We had a shower and went for dinner> I had to wear wet bikini bottoms since all my underwear and other bikini bottoms went to the laundry. At dinner I ordered a lemon juice (which was like lemonade and so good) and a potato salad which was just a small bowl of potatoes with dressing...very disappointing. I almost sent it back (that is NOT a salad!) I was still hungry after sucking it up and eating it. We went to Friendly Dive & Tour travel agent to ask about a boat trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park. The brochure said 1850 per adult but he gave it to us for 1500 each PLUS FREE INTERNET for the ENTIRE time we are here! Super awesome! Then we spent 3 hours on the internet until close and then back to our hotel for noodles and sleep.

Woke up early at 6:00AM and got ready (also seemed to have a sore throat). We went down to Akwa reception to book that night and also wait for our mini-van to Ang Thong National Marine Park tour at 7:15AM. Akwa was closed. Problem. I ran up to the room to leave a note under the door (since we were technically supposed to be checking out by 10:30AM since we didn't re-book) but had trouble finding paper. Bundy came up a few minutes later saying the bus was there and waiting. I ripped a used piece of paper out of my journal and wrote the note and got on the bus a bit stressed out. It was quite a ride (about 40 minutes) down to Nathon pier and I was feeling hungry and had an upset stomach (again). We got on the boat (boat 2 Samui Island Tour) It was a nice boat with 3 levels: the lower had the toilet (with toilet paper!), seats, kayaks, and lunch being served; the middle level had tables and chairs and breakfast; and the upper had sun-baking mats. We got coffee, bananas, and croissants for breakfast before heading off on the long journey. We went upstairs to sun-bake when we set off and arrived 1.5 hours later. We were in group 1 so we were kayaking first. There were a lot of people on the tour so a lot of kayakers even when the groups separated. They weren't great kayaks and were open. We paddled to Christine (tour guide) who tied everyone's kayaks together to instruct everyone first. There were 3 Asians in one kayak and they were terrible, they had never kayaked before and you could tell, they crashed into rocks, went the wrong way and eventually fell out. We had about half an hour kayaking around some islands. We saw some baby monitors on the rocks and the water was warm and a lovely blue/green. There were lots of trees on the mountains which were lush green and we went under the rock surfaces sticking out of the mountain (it was nice to be out of the boiling sun!). I didn't paddle at all, that was Bundy's job. I just took photos. Christine talked about the Grandfather, Grandmother, and Mother rocks but I didn't see them (later I saw them in a postcard, and they are rude!) We got off on one of the beaches and walked up the skinny, small, steep stairs for 100m on land to the viewpoint over Green Lagoon. The view was stunning, the water was so green and calm and surrounded by mountains and trees. We walked downstairs at that point to get closer views of the lagoon - though you cannot swim in it. There were sea urchins and lots of little fishes at the bottom. It still looked amazing. Then it was back onto the beach for a quick dip (watch out for jellyfish!) and back onto the longtail to the boat. We then got lunch served and ate that while waiting for group 2 to kayak back. Lunch was great, we had pineapple, watermelon, rice, vegetables, beef and potato curry and fried chicken. I had a free coke and ice cold water as well. We saw some rocks out in the ocean that look like a little hut and also saw the fin of a pink dolphin which are apparently spotted here if you are very lucky. After lunch we got off via longtail at Mue Koh Ang Thong National Park. We had the option of a viewpoint hike, a cave hike or swimming/snorkeling/kayaking. The beach was stunning with giant palm trees and a lush forest. There were longtails floating in the clear blue water on the shore line. We decided to try the 500m hike described as difficult, steep, and slippery (not a good idea in thongs). It took me an hour each way. I did the trek in thongs and a bikini. The rocks were very slippery and sharp/pointy. The trek was a nature trail with a rope showing the way (and to use to stop you from slipping). I often used to rope to get up rocks and over the trees. Luckily the whole walk was in the shade. We stopped at each rest stop for photos. I was soaked and dripping in sweat - was a tough walk. Near the top things got harder (especially in thongs). It was a very steep incline just on jagged ropes and had to use the rope and it was like weird rock climbing. When we were at the top the view was absolutely amazingly stunning. We had almost 360 degree views at over 250m above sea level over the bright blue/green ocean with the islands all scattered around. We could see boats and coral from the top too. There was a group of Canadians that were also at the top who just stood around in the way of any photos I wanted for about half an hour. There was a Moroccan Jewish man at the top too chatting with the Canadians - he sells designer jeans for a lot of money but will often buy cheap rip-offs from China and mix them up among the expensive designer ones (so sneaky!). It was very much worth the hike and $50 tour for that view, one of the best parts of the entire trip. We were the last to leave and getting down was harder than up. Down into the forest I was swinging off the rope to get down. At one point I kneed a rock and so got yet another bruise on my knee and got some rope burn. At the bottom we took a dip in the ocean to get all the sweat off. There were quite a few fishes swimming around us and I was worried about jellyfish. People were snorkeling and swimming and playing volleyball. Back on the longtail to the boat and then people were jumping off the third tier of the boat - apparently no jellyfish. I really wanted to do it since I'd never jumped off a boat but it was so high up and then everyone was done but Bundy agreed to go again after me so after a bit of hesitation I jumped. It was great fun, but hurt my foot on impact and got a wedgie. Then we were on the tanning mats up top for the ride back. Fell asleep for most of the trip and it got quite windy closer to shore. We got onto the pier and then a mini-bus back to our hotel with an English couple complaining the whole drive. We picked up our laundry and mine was cheaper even though Bundy assumed he had the lighter clothing. We tried to sort out our room from the morning, they didn't seem to notice we were supposed to check-out nor the note we left. We tried to book for the next night but they were fully booked - damn! We don't want to leave, it was a great hotel. We had dinner at the place with free fruit and free peanuts with beer. I got sweet and sour chicken but it had lots of chillis and mushrooms. We looked for a cheap boat and bus and possibly a new hotel for another night here. We looked at fullmoon party shirts and frisbees. Cannot believe frisbees are 200-300 baht - ridiculous. I got a lovely girl down to 140 baht for a fullmoon shirt before realising they were all the wrong size. She then offered a sarong at the same price but I didn't like any of them. I'm such a bitch. Got a kid down to 90 for a frisbee but there was still no way. We then went for some free internet and then back to hotel. It seemed I'd gotten burnt from the Ang Thong trip. We watched TV before going to bed and all that was on all night was Psych.

Woke up early and not wanting to check out. We went to watch TV but all that was on again was the same Psych episodes as the night before. At 11:00AM we checked out and then checked into Baan Chaweng futher up the road for 500 baht. Bundy basically chose it because it was cheap and had a fridge (the double bed however was two twins joined). It was very hot and since we spent all of yesterday in the sun we wanted an easy relaxing day inside. We had lunch at the potato salad place. I had vegetable soup Italian style with toast. It was mushy but very tasty. Bundy's iced coffee was so tasty I need to start having them all the time. We went on the internet for a bit and when we left the guy said 'hope to see you later' so we stopped feeling bad about always using their internet for free. He also asked if we were going to the beach today but we said we were too sunburnt. he suggested we go to Phi Phi later on and also said Koh Yao Yai was nice. We did a big shop at 7/11 and then watched the Secret Life of the American Teenager which I got sucked into and Bundy hated. Then we watched Channel V and had large Changs and played cards for Bundy's birthday. I had milo cereal with chocolate milk as well as grain wave chips, apples, and a Top chocolate bar for lunch. I got tipsy off half a Chang and drunk off two. We went to the internet place (Friendly Dive and Tour). When we walked in the guy was trying to get his daughter off because she had been watching Tom & Jerry for 3 hours. Bundy left earlier while I stayed on. When I left the guy wished us a great day of traveling for tomorrow and on my walk back to the hotel I ran into Bundy outside 7/11. Apparently he got bored and was buying another beer. Before going to sleep we had an argument about getting a cat.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was on a sleeper boat with lots of people and I was sleeping on a platform higher than everyone else but half naked. I felt sea sick as well and went back to sleep trying to cover myself up so all the people couldn't see me. I woke up again and it took awhile to realise where I was. We got up at 5:30AM and packed my bag (getting way too full, now using a plastic bag as well), feeling a little hungover. I had a travel sickness and went downstairs to wait for the bus. There was a taxi man out there asking where we go. I had a milo cereal with chocolate milk again and a yoghurt. The mini-van arrived and we were first on. He drove like a maniac and at a stop light he put a DVD into the DVD player on the dashboard and he watched it half the time instead of the road. We got to Nathon pier just after 7:00AM. There were three dogs running around and digging in the sand. Then it was onto a bus to another pier and then onto the ferry. We could lay down on the chairs on the ferry so we both went to sleep. We arrived at mainland and got on a bus to Suratthani. I slept most of the way. Our group (going to Phuket, Phi Phi and Lanta) got off at a rest stop. It was 5 baht for the toilet there but I didn't see anyone pay so neither did I. I picked up a free Lanta guide. I don't know where we should go after Lanta, definitely Phi Phi though, I wish we knew which islands were the most beautiful and cheap and wish we had time to visit them all, especially the Similans. I had peanut butter rolls for lunch (my spoon head fell off though making it tough to spread) and a chocolate bar. We then got onto another bus at 11:50AM to what I assumed was Krabi and another ferry. Arrived somewhere in Krabi just before 3:00PM and waited until 4:00PM and got in a ute. We got dropped off 2 minutes down the road at a travel agent. We had to wait there until 5:00PM. I put my bag down and went to sleep on it on the floor. So much damn waiting - waste of a day. At 5:00PM we got on a mini-van. We stopped outside a hotel for 1 minute and then drove again and then stopped down the road at a lamp and fan store or something. The driver went in and came out with boxes of fans and put them in the van (what the hell?) Then we had another stop at a different bus station to pick up someone else. Next stop was a petrol station. He started driving off while she was still putting petrol in. Next stop...the airport. Clearly the next logical place to go for a journey by ferry to an island. We picked up two new people. One guy from the bus went off somewhere for some reason so we had to wait for him to return. Then we got lots of traffic while heading to who knows where next. We went way out of Krabi back the way we came in on the first bus. What the hell is going on?! We had a quick road side stop for driver to pick up some food. Over an hour and a half drive later we arrived at a pier. The van drove down onto the car ferry which was just a platform full of cars. It was a tight squeeze. I don't like this. It was getting dark. It was a very slow journey on ferry over to Koh Lanta Noi and then another speeding drive down to the car ferry over to Koh Lanta Yai. We were on the very edge and on a lean on the ferry. I don't like this either. Once we were there we had four errand stops for the driver and then dropped one guy off at a hotel and then we went to our hotel (Lanta Emerald Resort).

-kittens outside internet shop
-cats have weird half tails
-2000 baht for fake Louis Vuitton duffel bag. Hate when you just want to know a price but as soon as you ask and say no thanks they ask how much you pay and start dropping it but you don't even want it, you just wanted to know the price, there is no way I'm paying anywhere near 2000 and I know offering 500 is stupid so I don't want to barter but they don't understand

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